Why would you want to work with me?


I have years of experience in web development (and many more in Software Engineering industry in general). I pride myself on delivering quantity quality.

Web Developer, not web designer

I create, maintain and support Web Applications. That is, web pages that can interact with your end users. Whether it be creating sophisticated front ends or administrative backends for your e-commerce sites, taking a Photoshop mockup of a site and creating it from scratch, or collecting data from online resources or user input form data which can then be used for charting, tables to simplify the analysis of your data. If you can define the task, I can implement it! That said, I generally rely on people with more artistic side to help make things look good. I generally rely on Bootstrap as a tool for making things look clean.  Most of the time, I use Yii 2.0 to make things work.  Yii is a fast “system” for building modern web applications. (Yii aka Yes It Is) Although, lately I’ve been doing mostly Javascript / JSON data parsing, manipulation and interactivity with some C# backend work mixed in.

Reasonable Pricing

If your project has a budget, I can work with you.  If you want something inexpensive, if I’m not swamped, I’ll step up and help you out.  However, if you want an interactive web application, or a site with signups and logged in users that can “do things”, then I am a top notch web consultant that can make most ideas into a reality.  Hopefully, at a price your budget can handle.

Exceeding Expectations

If you choose to work with me on a project, I will make every effort to exceed your expectations! You will not be disappointed.  I know how easy it is to get a bad reputation. I’ve worked with several “gems” in the last few years that in some ways I wish I hadn’t, but I learned from each of these “gems” life lessons as well as skills pertaining to this industry.  The one thing that I do that they didn’t? I don’t lie, I don’t over promise.  If anything, I’ll lean to the under promise and over deliver.  Life is to short to be one of “those gems”.  I think you know the type to which I’m referring.


When I was attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I took every communication course available to me. Why? Because I didn’t want to be the ‘typical’ techie that is known for inferior communication skills. Communication is important for so many things, but certainly for understanding a project’s requirements. Those requirements often need to be extracted from the end user, summarized, shared, they need to be fluid to some degree.

Agile Project Management

In short, this means flexible to changing requirements, working with the client, with constant feedback, so the end product ends up being what is needed, rather than what the developer perceived what was needed at the start of the project. Agile management on Wikipedia


It is my goal that you will recommended my work to your friends and business associates. So you can be sure that I will go the extra mile for you and your business! Integrity, character, honesty… These are not just words, it’s the way I live and work.

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