Michael golfing in Lake TahoeGiven the opportunity, I rarely says no to a round of golf.  I’ve got to be doing something pretty urgent in order to skip a round of golf.  I find it’s as close to therapy as I can get without going into the mountains to camp or hike.


Golf gives me, in a matter of a very few minutes, the opportunity to forget all the silly dramas of life.  They quickly fade away and what’s now  important? Paying attention to a silly little white golf ball.  If I get distracted? I’ll hit a terrible shot. If I stay focused however with my head in the game…  Now I’m appreciating the outdoors… the green trees, the grass, the fresh air… the company of my golf buddies who I like being in mild competition with, even if they’re not always playing against me. 😉

Feel like joining me for a round?  I’ll try not to say no 🙂  I’ll be sure to be on top of my work projects first of course, but, let’s play!